On February 21, Training Support and Human Resource Development Centre, Ministry of Education and Training (MOET-TSC), in collaboration with BK Holdings - Hanoi University of Science and Technology, hosted a webinar titled "Connecting talents and global business in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan".

The seminar was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training, officials from Hanoi University of Technology, and representatives from Kagawa Province in Japan, as well as approximately 400 students, 50 scientists, and specialists from 28 institutions in Vietnam.

Mr. Yaumana Manabe, President of the Kagawa Anabuki International Student Support Association, remarked at the seminar's beginning, "The association was created in 2019 with the goal of increasing interchange between Kawaga prefecture students and enterprises. In addition to assisting foreign students in finding jobs, the Association pays close attention to the everyday interactions between companies and international students, supporting international students' lives.”.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, the Association actively assisted international students in settling into Kagawa and concentrating on their studies, as well as supplying food for international students whose income has decreased. The Association hopes to improve the image of Kagawa Prefecture through the seminar by helping students to observe the variety of businesses available in order to find suitable employment.

Mr. Bui Van Linh, Director of MOET-TSC, praised the parties' efforts in conducting the workshop, emphasized, "The workshop represented a key milestone in creating a school-business cooperation model." (Training and Employment), especiallythe international labor market, encouraging the parties' strengths and potentials in their fields of interest, and working together to improve professional skills, international integration for students, and provide decent jobs for graduates.

Simultaneously, progressively creating a working process with Vietnamese higher education institutions and the Kagawa Prefecture Business Association in Japan to develop models for collaboratively implementing education, training, human resources, and employment operations. This is a location where high-quality human resources from Vietnamese universities may be received, recruited, and used to practice and work.

The abilities of students, graduates, and human resources are developed through various short- and long-term training courses, as well as this working environment. The seminar also has the function ofconnecting and exposing high-quality humanresources from Vietnamese university graduates to exercise your abilitiesand work in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Mr. Linh highlighted his expectation that, following the seminar, MOET-TSC Center and BK Holding would develop specific coordination content to deploy and promote business recruiting programs delivered to universities, aimed at potential students who would be suitable for the company's career.

At the same time, he wants Kagawa province's leaders to considerand implement programs to exchange experts and businesses, coordinate in organizing human resource development seminars, and announce recruitment needs for the province's businesses; and support procedures for a delegation of MOET-TSC Center staff and Vietnamese businesses to survey, promote trade, and find cooperation opportunities in 2022 and subsequent years.

Mr. Huynh Dang Chinh, Vice President of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, highlighted at the seminar: In the growth strategy for the year 2020-2025, BK Holdings - Hanoi University of Science and Technology considers cooperation with universities and Japanese firms to be a focus. The conference will not only share information and create cohesion, but it will also provide a solid premise for the parties to collaborate and support one another in order to grow together in all aspects in the future.

Organizing a seminar to introduce the capacity of enterprises in Japan's Kagawa prefecture is of great significance,as it will help MOET-TSC and BK Holding step by step build a model of exchanging students and interns abroad to strengthen your job skills, contributing to the preparation of high-quality human resources in Vietnam.

The conference had been held online

Mr. Bui Van Linh gave a presentation at the seminar

Attendees at the MOET-TSC Center