The Training Support and Human Resource Development Centre, Ministry of Education and Training, inked a contract with Ho Chi Minh City Open University to help students with entrepreneurship, innovation, and job placement after graduation.

On April 21, 2022, the Training Support and Human Resource Development Centre, Ministry of Education and Training, signed a cooperation agreement with Ho Chi Minh City Open University on comprehensive support for students.

The Training Support and Human Resource Development Centre, Ministry of Education and Training(MOET-TSC) collaborates with the university to rationally and effectively exploit the university's technology system to conduct training courses, refresher courses, and organise career counselling and start-up activities for students.

Organizing and implementing recruitment, employment, and recruitment counselling days; research and human forecasting resources in order to effectively deploy the school's current training programmes; and coordinating the implementation of training contracts to order high-quality human resources from localities and organisations in need.

MOET-TSC will introduce students of Ho Chi Minh City Open University to resources, funding to help struggling students, and scholarships for outstanding students; introduce businesses for students to learn about and practise; connect students with career opportunities after graduation.

The two sides will work together to organise creative startup competitions for school students, connect investment funds to incubate university student startup projects for commercialization and co-exploitation, and effectively exploit related programmes, content, and partners in the ecosystem from IT solution providers, Edu-Tech, and others built by MOET-TSC Center for the management and administration of the school and the students.

The contents of the cooperation will be implemented in the period from 2022 to 2026. In the coming period, the two sides will continue to conduct research and develop new activities to enhance student training and employment support, as well as supply human resource applications and build a startup ecosystem for students.

Mr. Bui Van Linh, Director of the MOET-TSC, said at the signing ceremony that the Center's function as a public non-business unit under the Ministry of Education and Training is to research and report the project on human resource development, support skills training to improve the quality of human resources, career orientation, jobs for students, etc.

Based on assigned functions and tasks, MOET-TSC has coordinated with a number of applications to agree to cooperate in the implementation of related activities in terms of training support, human resource supply, vocational education, and surveying student employment, student internships, and graduate recruitment, as well as activities contributing to vocational skills education, employment, demand forecasting reports for human resource development, and trends in training programming.

Mr. Bui Van Linh - Director of MOET-TSC gave a speech

The signing of a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the MOET-TSC Center and the Open University of Ho Chi Minh City in order to carry outa number of research activities on human resource forecasting and student skills training; support students in practising, finding jobs, and starting a business after graduation; and provide experts and high-quality human resources for domestic and foreign units, organisations, and businesses.

Dr. Le Nguyen Quoc Khang, Vice Rector of the Open University of Ho Chi Minh City, said that the signing of a cooperation agreement with the MOET-TSC is of great significance to the school. The two sides are long-term and comprehensive strategic partners in implementing activities to support training, human resource supply, recruitment, employment, career guidance, start-up, innovation, and 4.0 technology.

The school signed cooperation agreements with a number of units and businesses last school year to provide career orientation and entrepreneurship training courses for students, as well as to assist over 1,000 business recruiting efforts. Extracurricular activities are used on a regular basis to assist students reach and fulfil competence levels while adhering to the school's common output standards.

Dr. Le Nguyen Quoc Khang - Vice Rector of the Open University of Ho Chi Minh City gave a speech

MOET-TSC and Ho Chi Minh City Open University signed a cooperation agreement