On the occasion of the National Traditional TET and Welcome the Spring of the Tiger 2022 on behalf of the leadership team of Training Support  and  Human Resource Development Center (Ministry of Education and Traing MOET-TSC), I would like to sincerely wish Minister Nguyen Kim Son, CPV Designated Representation, The Ministry's Leaders, the affiliated and subordinate units; Leaders of Departments of Education and Training, educational institutions of agencies and partner units; teachers, pupils, and students;  journalists, press agencies all the best Happy New Year!

In 2021, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, MOET-TSC center and units inside and outside the Education sector had had positive initial connections in promoting cooperation and common towards the goal of contributing to the work of supporting the training, development of highly qualified human resources to serve the development of the country. MOET-TSC center has also received the attention of journalists, the press station who always stood by the Center to promptly convey the contents of information about the strategic orientation of development and operation of the Center in the implementation of the mission of supporting training, supplying, and developing human resources.

The new year 2022 is the beginning of a new stage of MOET-TSC development Center, I believe and look forward to the cooperation between the Center and units inside and outside the Education sector to make a growing, strong and effective new level; contributing to improve professional skills, international integration for students, good job creation for graduates and the implementation of digital transformation mission, administrative reform in the field of education and training in the spirit of the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, the directions of the Government and the Minister of Education and Training.

Welcome the New Year 2022 - the year of the Tiger! The Tiger represents strength, passion, and bravery - three incredibly important characteristics for success, especially to Training Support and Human Resource Development Center (MOET-TSC). The Centre wishes the teachers, the comrades, the whole family, and the units a new year of happiness, health, fortune, and prosperity!

Director Bui Van Linh