The Ministry of Education and Training's Training Support and Human Resource Development Centremet with the Central Vietnam Student Association on April 26, 2022 to discuss solutions to support and introducejobs for graduate students returning home.

Mr. Bui Van Linh, Director of the Center for Training Support and Human Resource Supply, stated at the meeting that the Center was tasked by the leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training to provide high-quality human resources, including high school students and Vietnamese students who graduate and return home to work. The Center expressed its desire to collaborate with the Central Vietnam Student Association in sharing information to support skills training and introducejobs for Vietnamese students preparing to graduate and returning home to work after graduation; this is also an important labour force contributing to the country's high-quality human resources for socioeconomic development, on the basis of promoting professional knowledge, science and technology, experience, and entrepreneurship. However, international students also lack knowledge of the job market, labour, and special requirements of domestic agencies and enterprises, as well as the system of rules, regimes, policies, laws, and organisational structure, so it will be difficult to find work when they return home.

Mr. Bui Van Linh - Director of MOET -TSC Center spoke at the meeting

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Linh, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association, stated at the meeting that the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association currently manages 13 overseas Vietnamese student associations (UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, CH Sec, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand) with about 102,000 international students who are active and participate on a voluntary basis. The Association's activities are primarily focused on content related to culture, arts, physical training, sports, entrepreneurship, creativity, scientific research, and volunteering; there are currently no activities to support skills training and introduce international students to jobs after graduation. Mr. Nguyen Nhat Linh believes that supporting skills training, as well as supporting and introducing jobs for international students after graduation, is necessary.

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Linh - Vice President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association gave a speech

The two parties agreed to implement a number of particular contents at the end of the working session, including:

Establishing a communication channel between the Center and the Central Vietnam Student Association to regularly share information and comprehend the goals of international students in terms of skill training and career opportunities before returning home;

Coordinate and support job placement for international students before and after graduation;

Coordination of job-search and career-skills training for international students;

Coordinating to organise seminars and develop reports on human resource development;

Connecting international students to career counselling and support activities, sharing study, practice, and living skills, improving foreign language abilities, connecting investment funds for start-up initiatives, and other activities for high school students and students studying in the country.