On January 08, 2022, the Training Support and Human Resource Development Center, Ministry of Education and Training (TSC), organized a signing ceremony of partnership agreements with partners from ministries, departments, and related agencies within and beyond the education sector.

At the ceremony, Mr. Bui Van Linh, TSC Director, stated that TSC would grow drastically to contribute to national economic and social development. The center aims to create structural and comprehensive innovation in education, especially in improving the quality of the core human resource in the education sector.

Specifically, TSC takes charge of two duties. The first one is reporting annual college graduate employment to the Minister of MOET, to theVietnamese Government, Congress. The other involves forecasting the demand for workforce development, training programs and majors. These reports will enable higher education institutions (HEIs) to design effective development strategies for their HEIs while assisting students and families in selecting appropriate majors and schools, facilitating their studies, finding suitable jobs, and maintaining high performance at work.

TSC also implements various training and career guidance activities to equip secondary students with essential skills for global integration, creativity and innovation, and entrepreneurship.

In addition, TSC maintains an effective partnership with approximately 900.000 enterprises, which provide internship and employment opportunities for 300.000 – 350.000 graduates every year; implementation of retraining programs helping students meet the job requirements. TSC has also collaborated with organizations, enterprises (World Bank, ADB, ERASMUS, One UN, NGOs, etc.) to conduct research projects and human resources development proposals for provinces/cities, sectors.

In the future, TSC plans to build partnerships with other countries to attend or coordinate international initiatives, conferences, and seminars for students and lecturers, provide a high-quality workforce for foreign markets, and nurture outstanding students. These global initiatives may include internships or student exchange programs to expand student competencies before graduation.

Especially, the Center will implement projects inDigital transformation of the Education sector, in modernizing and advancing the quality of public services, digitizing human resource databases in HEIs. TSC will create modern online hub ofRecruitment andEmploymentfor students and enterprises; assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned units in career fairs and college admission consultation.

To better deliver these initiatives, TSC will develop a sustainable and cooperative ecosystem including four stakeholders: 1) Labor providers (Department of Education and Training in 63 provinces and cities, approximate of 300 colleges and universities with about 20 million students), 2) Employers (domestic and foreign agencies, organizations, enterprises), 3) Training providers (education technology entities offering training programs and experts), 4) Administrators (government agencies and departments creating policies regarding student employment and human resources development).

Mr. Hoang Minh Son, Deputy Minister of Education and Training, affirmed that human resources are competitive advantages for any nation, organization, and enterprise. The abilities to create, innovate, and utilize technology and science also rely primarily on the quality of the workforce. Therefore, TSC plays an increasingly vital role in creating a competent human resource.

Moving forward, TSC will continue to negotiate and sign partnership agreements with agencies from other ministries and Central departments, colleges and universities, corporates and enterprises with labor demand, education technology and life-skill training companies.

The signing ceremony marked multiple partnership agreements in January 2022 between TSC and Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, Hanoi Open University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, National Startup Support Center (Ministry of Science and Technology), BK-Holdings, Vietnam National University’s Human Resource Development Center, Saigon Entrepreneur Online, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Nova Education JSC., Green Universal Education Technology JSC., GAIA International Education Development Corporation, CLC High-quality Manpower Supply, BnD Education and Career Development JSC., Emperor Technology and Service JSC., etc.